Best Laundry Service in Dwarka


Clean My Laundry offers a complete menu of laundry and dry cleaning services.

Wash – Dry – Fold
Everyone has a hectic schedule these days. No need to spend hours washing laundry. Let us wash-dry-fold your laundry. We'll clean with the best detergents and fabric softeners. Bring your bag of laundry to us or call, text or Whatsapp us for pick up. We will wash, dry and fold your clothes. You can collect your folded laundry or we can deliver according to as per your convenience.

Steam Iron
We do steam Iron on your clothes. A steam generator iron does have several advantages. For fabrics such as cotton, wool, they will get the wrinkles out faster and easier. You just have to know what temperature to use and how much steam to use on each type of fabric to get the best results.

Pick-up & delivery
We come and pick your soiled laundry and deliver clean folded laundry right at your doorstep. We save your time so that you can use your time for important things.

Corporate Laundry
When you are busy with your clients and keeping your business moving, we can assist you with the laundering of your uniforms, aprons and kitchen items, tablecloths, sheets, and towels etc. A hot wash with solvent is available for heavily soiled items that are ideal for removing food stains and grease on clothes.

Dry clean
Clean my Laundry provides premium dry cleaning with a professional fervor and an obsession for the highest standards of hygiene and quality. With our superior dry cleaning services, you can be consistently well-turned-out and leave a stellar impression on onlookers! We use the latest technologies, cleaning methods, and solutions for dealing with stains or delicate fabrics.